Asking Questions, Without Asking Questions


When I brought up the question, “What do you want to learn?” with the kids last week, I was surprised by their answers. Or really, their lack of answers. Neither one really had any burning ideas of what they wanted to learn. This was surprising because I know they want to learn about millions of things, but the direct questioning was too much for them.

So instead of badgering them with my inquiry questions, I had to chillax a little and just pay attention. Observation, go figure.

Here are a few things they’d like to learn about right now, in no particular order:

  • how to roller skate
  • where the best sledding hill is in Denver
  • why printed artwork looks different under a microscope than original artwork
  • how to ski
  • publishing a magazine
  • running a Minecraft club
  • collecting buttons
  • making Flipagram movies

Luckily I’m interested in learning about most of those things too – the only one I’m skipping out on is skiing.

What do your kids want to learn about? How do you know?


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